Part 2: In Orbit



One of the most viewed TEDx movies in recent years. Simon Sinek explains in 18 minutes why the “why” is crucial to inspire people and move them to something new.

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This trailer is about storytelling and you can relate it to the story board from the change canvas. Nice inspiration!

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Sociologist Hartmut Rosa critically points out the phenomenon of “social acceleration” – which is referred to in chapter 1 as the “accelerating link society”.

He relates it to the nature of our capitalist system choice and introduces the concept of “resonance” as a way to survive this treadmill as an individual and not to drop out burned out or depressed.

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Great movie about what makes you a hero in an adventure. And which journey you go on. Just as with adventurous change.

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Articles and information about “world cafĂ©” interventions. Also many stories and experiences about the value of these methods.

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More inspiration in Part 3: Deep Space