Travel guide for change adventures

"Engage!" is a practical and accessible travel guide for change agents and offers help and encouragement for entering into and sustaining organizational change.

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“A practical guide on how to create and preserve psychological safety when it is urgently needed: in times of change.”
Amy C. Edmondson, professor at Harvard Business School, author of The Fearless Organization.

“Based on scientific research and accessible for a broad audience. Engage! makes change management fun!
Marjolein Caniëls, professor of Organizational Learning, Open University.

“An ideal book for leaders of a change adventure.”
Gerard de Reuver, president DSM Biochemical

“Loaded with cases that make the point. And cultural change is not treated as a side-dish. A must read.”

Fons Trompenaars, author of Riding the Waves of Culture.

The Change Canvas

Over the years, based on our experience in guiding profound changes, we have discovered a number of elements that are crucial to jointly determine at the start of the journey. We have brought these ingredients together in a “practical thinking model” that we have called the Change Canvas.

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